Best Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

Want to find the best Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate?

You don’t have to be a millionaire to enjoy the taste and convenience of cold brew coffee concentrate! 

When I first started experimenting with my own cold brew concentrate, I was surprised that it was brewed for as long as 24 hours! This gave the concentrate a great flavour base (and also a higher caffeine content!)

You can make your own cold brew coffee quite easily by following this recipe. (link to recipe below) However, if you are short of time or want to see what flavours can be achieved with different coffee beans and techniques, why not try a commercially make cold brew concentrate? (It’s certainly handy to have a bottle in the fridge on hand for when unexpected guests arrive too!)

Let’s look at 5 great commercially prepared cold brew coffee concentrates that you can buy online today.

5 Best Cold Brew Coffee Concentrates (Commercially available)

BrandKey FeaturesLearn More
Industry BeansBlend from Brazil, Honduras, PNG; versatile, easy to use
700 mL = 20 serves = $20 – $25

Industry Beans
Mr Bean24-hour brew, less acidic, versatile
1000 mL = 30 serves = ~$40

Mr Bean Coffee
Chill Bru22-hour steep, natural ingredients, versatile
500 mL = 12-16 serves  = ~$15

Chill Bru
Coffee HeroSmooth, low acidity, simple recipe
500 mL = $25 – $30

Coffee Hero
BlackstarSpecialty coffee in easy dispenser bag – sweetened or unsweetened
1500 mL = ~19 serves = $45 – $50


More detail on those cold brew coffee concentrates

1. Industry Beans Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

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Title and Alt Text: Industry Beans Cold Brew Concentrate

  • Description: A mix of 3 beans from Brazil, Honduras, and Papua New Guinea, specifically roasted for cold brewing, creating a rich and robust flavor. 
  • Serves: 20 per bottle.
  • Standout features: Fantastic, flexible concentrate suitable for a range of coffee drinks from iced coffee to espresso martinis.
  • Notes: It is great for sophisticated gathering especially the way the bottle is designed! The convenience and quality of this make it a perfect choice for busy hours.
  • Where to get: Purchase Industry Beans Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate 
  • Price Guide: 700ml $20 – $25

2. Mr Bean Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

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Title and Alt Text: Mr Bean Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

  • Description: It is well known for it’s 24 hour brewing process, Mr Bean’s concentrate is 70% less acidic than the other hot coffee and offers versatility in every bottle.
  • Serves: 15 shots per bottle.
  • Standout features: This cold brew coffee concentrate provides a tasty option with a dedication to freshness and quality in each small pack.
  • Notes: It is easy to use and deliciously flavoursome. Best pick for coffee lovers out there seeking quality and a convenient experience.
  • Where To Get: Purchase Mr Bean Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate  
  • Price Guide: 2x500ml bottles around $40

3. Chill Bru’s Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

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Title and Alt Text: Chill Bru Commercial Cold Brew Concentrate

  • Description: A 22 hour blend that have the symphony of a dark chocolate, black currant and a honey flavor.
  • Serves: 12-16 shots in the 500 mL bottle
  • Standout features: This concentrate’s different kind of flavor profile and natural ingredients make it a healthier choice for coffee lover.
  • Notes: Chill Bru’s concentrate is best served in ice, also it’s concentrate is ideal for different variety of choices.
  • Where To Get: Purchase Chill Bru’s Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate  
  • Price Guide: 500 mL around $15

4. Coffee Hero’s Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

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Title and Alt Text: Coffee Hero Cold Brew Concentrate

  • Description: A concentrate known for its smoothness, low acidity, and bold flavor, perfect for blending with milk.
  • Standout features: Its simple and delicious recipe is a daily essential for those who love a caffeine kick without the hassle.
  • Notes: The balance of boldness and smoothness in Coffee Hero’s concentrate makes it a must-have.
  • Where To Get: Purchase Coffee Hero’s Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate  
  • Price Guide: 500ml around $25 – $30

5. Black Star Cold Brew Concentrate

Blackstar plastic bag with a red valve

Title and Alt Text: Blackstar Specialty Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

  • Description: A 1.5L package with easy fridge storage for great summer cold coffee preparations.
  • Serves: 19 serves
  • Standout features: Blackstar concentrate is a great Brisbane specialty coffee and it comes in an easy to use dispenser bag.
  • Notes: Its comfort and quality make it an enjoyable addition to any coffee lover out there.
  • Where To Get: Purchase Blackstar Cold Brew Concentrate  
  • Price Guide: 1500ml around $45 – $50

Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate Recipe – Make your own!

If you decide not to buy a commercial Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate, then it’s not difficult to make your own. Use the following recipe or watch the YouTube to create the perfect cold brew coffee for yourself:

Ingredients You’ll Need:

Fresh High Quality Coffee Beans

Cold Filtered Water

A Cold Brew Maker or A large jar

A Fine Mesh Strainer or Coffee Filter

Step 1: Selecting your coffee beans

Begin by selecting premium, fresh coffee beans. Go for a medium or dark roast, as they tend to bring out more complex flavors in your cold brew.

Step 2: Grinding Your Beans

Coarsely grind your coffee beans. A burr grinder is ideal for achieving consistency in grinding size. If you don’t have a grinder, if you purchase your beans from a coffee shop, they will usually grind them for you.

Step 3: Brewing

Place the coarsely ground coffee in your brew maker or large jar. Add cold, filtered water at a ratio of exactly 1:5 (1 part coffee to 5 parts water). If you don’t want to dilute the cold brew before drinking – use a ratio of 1:15 (1 part ground coffee to 15 parts waters).

Step 4: Steeping Time

Let the coffee steep in cold water for a duration of 12-24 hours. The steeping time can be based on your preferences. A longer steeping time can lead into a stronger brew.

Step 5: Filtration

After the steeping steps, it’s time to filter out the grounds. Use the fine mesh strainer or a coffee filter to separate the liquid concentrate of the coffee from the coffee grounds.

Step 6: Dilution and Enjoyment

To enjoy your cold brew, lessen the concentrate with a cold water or milk to your desired strength. You can also add sweeteners or flavorings to your brewed coffee.

Cold Brew Coffee Concentrates – YUM!

Whether you try making your own or purchase one of the concentrates that we recommend above – a cold brew coffee concentrate is a worth a try for the coffee lover!