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Best Barista Course Toowoomba

Looking for the best barista course Toowoomba? We can help!

Toowoomba, a bustling city in Queensland, is known for its Carnival of Flowers, vibrant art scene, and rich coffee culture.

With a growing demand for skilled baristas, there are a number of in-person barista training courses available in the Toowoomba area. These courses can help coffee enthusiasts refine their skills — and perhaps pursue a career in coffee.

The barista training that we have listed here ranges from beginner to advanced levels and caters to individuals seeking to enhance their coffee-making abilities for personal or professional reasons. There are also options for group training as well.

Fundamental Barista Training – Coffee by Jean

Coffee by jean Barista Course Toowoomba

Fundamental Barista Training by Coffee by Jean is a fantastic opportunity for coffee lovers and aspiring baristas to develop their skills and knowledge in the industry.

This comprehensive course is closely aligned with Certificate 2 & 3 in Hospitality (course code: SIT30616) and is designed to help you hit the ground running if you want to work as a barista or are planning to set up your own coffee shop.

Some of the things you’ll learn in this course include: using computerised reservations and operations systems, handling food safely and hygienically, providing expert advice on food and drink pairings, working effectively with others, being environmentally conscious, and serving with sensitivity to different cultures.

Of course, you’ll get plenty of hands-on practice making delicious espressos and producing latte art! With this training under your belt, you’ll be well on your way to a career in the exciting world of coffee.

Jean has a variety of different level courses. When I spoke to her, she mentioned that she can also tailor-make a course specific to the liking of a specific group or an individual’s needs.

The Home Barista – Six of One

6of1 Logo Barista Course Toowoomba

This 3-hour barista course by Six of One Coffee Roasters is designed to teach coffee enthusiasts to make better coffee at home.

The course covers everything from the journey of specialty coffee, choosing which coffee to buy and storing it properly to understanding coffee extraction. Correct dosing, tamping, and making grinder adjustments are also included in the course.

At the end of the session, expect that you will learn how to prepare black coffee, like espresso and long black, and white coffees like flat white and cappuccino. The course will also introduce you to basic latte art and how to properly texturise milk.

And of course, no fundamental barista course is complete without learning how to care for your equipment — the folks at Six of One will also teach you basic espresso machine and grinder maintenance. Classes run monthly with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 participants at a time.

When I visited Six of One, the atmosphere was great (such a fun place to do a coffee training course)… and so was my cappuccino!

Certificate III in Hospitality – TAFE

Although not strictly a barista course, TAFE offers a path for those who want to pursue a career in coffee with its Certificate III in Hospitality.

Upon completion of the course, you will be awarded a nationally recognised qualification to work not only in coffee shops, but in other establishments like bars, hotels, or at one-off events.

Barista training will come in the form of an elective in this course. On top of learning how to work as a barista, participants will also learn communication and customer service skills which are essential when working in the hospitality industry.

This course can last between 6 months to a year and is quite extensive.

Looking for something different? There are also barista training courses that you can take online!

Barista Basics Online Training Course – CTA Training Specialists

CTA Training Specialists offer a non-accredited online course that will equip future baristas with basic knowledge on how to prepare and serve espresso and espresso-based beverages using a commercial coffee machine. The training also includes how to advise customers on espresso drinks, quality monitoring, and machine maintenance.

Online Barista Training 101 Course – Kai Coffee Roasting Co.

This basic training by Kai Coffee Roasting Co. can help jumpstart your journey toward a barista career. The online course will teach basic espresso-making skills and practical team-oriented skills that will help you fit right into a busy coffee shop.

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