About Us

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I’m sure you will agree that there is simply nothing like the wafting aroma of a freshly brewed coffee. Whether it’s a coffee that you purchase or one that you make yourself, coffee does something good for the soul! And the gift of coffee… oh the feeling it brings when someone brings you an unexpected cup or buys you a coffee gift. There is nothing like it!

We are an Australian based coffee website and when it comes to products – although offering the best price is important, we never substitute coffee quality when picking the perfect product for you.

Here at aboutcoffee.com.au, we are passionate about providing you with not only coffee product information but everything you need to know about the all amazing topic of coffee! Although coffee can be as simple as making a quick morning brew, if you are interested, there is just so much to learn about coffee. Beans, brewing, expresso, percolation, roasting, grinding, organic… so many things to investigate!
So come along for the ride with us and find out all the amazing things about coffee…