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All You Need To Know About Green Coffee Beans

What are green coffee beans?

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Green coffee beans, also known as green coffee, refer to the coffee that hasn’t undergone the roasting process. Usually, the roasting of coffee beans minimizes chlorogenic acid concentration. This implies that raw green coffee beans possess a high chlorogenic concentration compared to roasted or regular ones.

The chlorogenic acid contained in this coffee type plays a vital role in our health. For this reason, these beans are thought to have some health benefits as well as being the basis of our favourite drink of coffee! To help you comprehend more about green coffee beans, we have shared a comprehensive overview of what green coffee beans entail, their uses, how you can choose the best, and of course, how to roast them while at home. 

How to choose green coffee beans to roast

Picking the right green coffee beans to achieve the best results can be a hard task. This is due to the increasing varieties of coffee with each seller claiming to have the best quality. To assist you in this, here are the aspects you need to consider when choosing the best green beans.

The freshness of the beans

Choosing fresh green coffee beans is vital since you wouldn’t want to buy beans that have lost their sweet aroma or been stored for long. 

Type of coffee 

You also need to know the kind of coffee you need to roast. Mostly, the coffee beans found at the store have a sweet-smelling aroma and are rich in taste. However, they differ significantly depending on the region they were grown. Before making a final decision, you can consider trying various brands and choose the best based on your taste. 

Number of green coffee beans you require 

After making a final decision on the right type of coffee, the next thing is to concentrate on the amount you wish to purchase. It is unnecessary to buy a large stock of beans only to leave them unused and lose their quality and taste. That said, just be mindful of the amount you need. 

Price of the beans

When looking forward to buying top-notch coffee beans, you should never see the price as a constraint. In fact, that does not imply that cheap beans are of poor quality. Although the budget is critical, the thumb’s rule is to focus on the type of coffee you desire.

How to home roast green coffee beans

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Roasting coffee beans at home is easy. However, you will need green beans, an oven, baking paper, a stirring tool, an iron skillet, or a frying pan to get started. The steps to roasting include;

1. Heating the pan

Heat the pan before adding the beans to around 250 degrees Celsius. Do not close the lid so that you can monitor colour change.

2. Stir constantly 

Stirring constantly helps to achieve an even roast. You can do it for a minimum of 30 seconds, and after approximately 4 to 7 minutes, your beans will start producing a crackling sound and smoke. Open the window to maintain a good flow of air. 

3. You will hear the popping/cracking noises of the beans.

Stopping at first pops/cracks gives you a smooth coffee. Some people will prefer waiting for some minutes after the first pop for the beans to darken. 

4. Wait for more pops/cracks

At this time, the sound will be quieter, and the beans will be rich in brown colour. It is advisable to leave the beans for 30 seconds and take them off; otherwise, they will burn.

5. Cool the beans

You can place your beans in a metal baking tray for them to cool. 

6. Crash your beans:

Once the roasting is over, you can grind your beans to have a powder that you will use to brew your coffee.

Suggested health benefits of green coffee beans

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Many individuals are sceptical about what green coffee can do for their health. However, the reality is that using green coffee yields several health benefits to people of all ages. But for this to be realized, the guidelines given by professionals must be followed to the letter. 

Some benefits include helping boost metabolism and aiding people to lose weight. According to research, the beans help burn calories faster even without considering the diet or exercising. Therefore, many individuals are advised to take green beans by mouth for diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, obesity, high blood pressure, and bacterial infections. 

Uses of green coffee beans

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Green coffee beans can be used for various purposes such as; 

Weight loss

Research has that green coffee beans can help reduce fat accumulation in the body and fight obesity. Scientists argue that high chlorogenic acid concentration in green coffee is what gears it for weight loss. 

Blood pressure regulation

Green coffee beans are also used to regulate blood pressure. This is possible because the chlorogenic acid in the green coffee beans hinders active cortisol formation, which is actually a hormone responsible for high blood pressure. Additionally, taking green coffee also helps to better arterial elasticity, hence reducing blood pressure levels.


Research has shown that green coffee possesses antioxidant as well as anti-inflammatory properties. Chronic inflammation is a serious condition that can destroy the cells, hence inviting several health issues. Since green coffee beans contain antioxidants, taking them can be helpful in aiding your health. 


Green coffee beans are satiated with a tremendous anti-aging effect. Research has that chlorogenic acid in green coffee beans can help improve microcirculatory function and skin properties in humans. The green beans also reduce trans-epidermal water loss, and skin dryness and improves the pH levels of the skin’s surface. Also, taking green coffee for up to 8 weeks can help improve the hydration of the skin.  

Diabetes treatment 

Chlorogenic acid in green coffee influences blood glucose levels. Research carried out in this area depicted that people who intake high green coffee of up to 400mg realize a huge drop in the blood glucose levels. Similarly, some research shows that people who take green coffee up to four cups daily are found to minimize the likelihood of type 2 diabetes by up to 30%. However – this should only be done under medical advice.


Green coffee beans are a wonderful thing! Not only has research shown that they have some health benefits, but they also play an integral role in our society by providing the basis of our much-loved coffee beverage. The secret to great drinking coffee is finding good green beans – roasting them well and then making the perfect cup of coffee.